Cross module queries

Cross module queries allow you to search multiple modules or issue types or both in a single query. Upon accessing Scarab from the navigation bar, you can click on the Build cross module query tab. On this tab, you can either select a previously saved cross module query, or create a new one.

The Projects / issue in this domain table lists all issue types in all modules available to be added to your query. Projects are only available if you have permissions that allow you to query in that module. Add issue types to your query by checking the checkbox in the Select column and clicking the Add selected button. This will move the selected issue types to the Build list of issue types section. You can remove all issue types from you query by clicking the Remove all button or remove only selected issue types by clicking the Remove selected button.

Once you have selected all of the issue types you want included in your query, you can save the list for future use by clicking the Save button. You must then complete the Name field and click the Save button again.

To begin you query, click the Define query button. This will take you to the Advanced query page where you can define your query criteria as you would for a single module query. For details on building queries, see Advanced query.