Searching the database

Query functionality includes defining a very specific query, using a customized query, using saved queries and accessing specific issue IDs. You can also use the Issue List to access the last query.

For ease of use, frequently used queries can be saved. Use the left navigation link or the query bar to access saved queries.

The query bar

The query bar provides quick access to frequently used search functionality.

Searching by issue ID

To access a specific issue enter the issue number in the search form and click the Issue ID button. If the ID you requested is not found an error message will appear and you can enter a different ID.

Accessing issues across projects requires the following information:

For instance, jdoe is in the games (gam) project and wants to view an issue from the interface (int) project. Jdoe can enter INT1 and click the Issue ID button to view the first issue in the Interface project.

If you do not have permission to view issues in the target project you will receive an error message. Likewise, if you enter an invalid project ID or issue number an error message will be generated.