Issue entry templates

You may find that you often enter the same values for attributes for similar issues. Templates allow you to save a set of values for quick access and use while creating issues. Templates store descriptive dataset that can be used to populate values in future issues. Templates use the same attributes as are available for entering an issue.

For instance, a user, jdoe, is responsible for creating and implementing test plans for all functionality on the UNIX operating system. Since jdoe will be entering the same values for each issue relating to test plans, jdoe can define a template with those common values. When creating issues, jdoe can use the template to populate the common data points. Fields populated using a template can be edited in the Enter New form.

Templates can be available on a global or individual basis. Personal templates can be made by any user and are available only to the creator. Global templates require permission to create. Users without the create permission can suggest new templates to the domain administrator. The administrator is responsible for reviewing all suggested templates and approving those that have global use.

To access your templates from the navigation bar click on the Template list link under your issue type. On the Template list screen you will find a list of any templates currently available. You can either manage the templates there or create a new template.

Creating templates

  1. From the Template list screen click the Create new button.
  2. Enter values into the Template details section. The name of your template should be short and descriptive. For instance, to create a template to enter defects affecting performance, you could name it "Performance" and use the description field to detail the types of performance issues this template covers.
  3. Select the level of availability for the template. Selecting personal will render the template available to the creator only. To make the template available globally you must have the permission to do so and/or go through an approval process (see Approvals).
  4. Enter appropriate values in the Template Attributes section. Attributes appearing in this section are the same as appear in the Enter new issue screen.
  5. Click the Done button to save your template.

Using templates

To use the template, on the Enter new issue screen click on the name of the template and click the Select button. If you're not sure which template to select use the View all my {0} templates link. Make sure to use the Done button to return to the Enter new screen.