The following is a short list of terms found in the Scarab interface.

parameter that determines if an item is available for use
associating a user with an issue through the "assign" user attribute
Attributes are associated with issue types within projects and are used to define issues.
Primary filter attribute
defines the subset of issues from which the report is drawn
Global attributes
a set of predefined attributes available for association with all projects
User attributes
User attributes are used to associate users with issues
new functionality to be incorporated into the project
issues identified within existing feature/functionality
to track the progress of your project
Comparative analysis report
a report that provides a snap shot of a single point in time
Rate of change report
a report that tracks changes to issues over a period of time
a set of values for quick access and use while creating issues
Attribute group
Attributes associated with an issue are organized within attribute groups.
allows you to search for issues within the database
files can be attached directly to issues
Issue type
All scarab processes are performed within the realm of an issue type. Issue types are comprised of a unique set of attributes, attribute options, issues, templates, queries and reports.